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Branch FAQ

I have a problem with my Branch Order, what do I do?
Don’t hesitate, please call us at 1-866-402-1831.

What is Branch?
Branch is a product auto reorder system that allows you to pre set product orders to ship on future dates.

What would I use Branch for?
If your orders tend to consist of the same product assortment and you would like a more convenient and efficient way to order Eco-Products products.

How do I create a Branch order?
Creating a Branch order is easy. Check out as you would normally do and select the order frequency you would like the product to ship at. Order frequencies are located under each of the product skus on the check out page. Once you have checked out a cart will be created for future use. Login to your account page and make any changes to ship date or product assortment for you next Branch order.

How do I add products to Branch?
Adding product to Branch is done through your account page. Login to your account on and select the Branch Auto ReOrder option on the account home page. On the Branch admin home page select the order you would like to add products too. Inside of the selected order find the product tab at the top of the order. From the Products tab you can select the products you would like to add to the order.

Where do I access my Branch orders?
Login to and find the option on the account home page for Branch Auto ReOrder (lower right corner).

What are the benefits of using Branch?
The benefits of using Branch are both extrinsic and intrinsic. For all product ordered through Branch we give you a 5% discount. Using Branch saves time with having to order the same products over and over again. Set it once and let the system do the ordering for you.

How do I change my order date?
All Branch orders have an order date attached to it in the account page. To change and order date, login to your account on and select the Branch Auto ReOrder option. Once Branch has provided you with your orders select edit on the order you would like to alter. Clicking on the order date and selecting a new date can change the order date.

What is the ship date of my Branch order?
We look to exceed expectations on all of our Branch orders but do reserve that during high volume times orders will ship at the latest 24 hours after the set Branch order date.

What if I don’t want my Branch order to ship?
If you would like your Branch order to not ship you have two options. You can either change the order date to a date in the future or you can choose to delete the order entirely from Branch. The delete option can be found in the order edit page.

Can I have an Eco-Products customer service representative create a Branch order for me?
Unfortunately our customer care representatives do not have the ability to create or alter Branch orders.

Are there any product exempt from Branch orders?
All Eco-Products products are eligible for Branch orders.

How and when is my credit card billed?
We store all Branch credit card information in a PCI compliant ERP system. When a Branch order is entered into our billing system we bill the last Credit Card used for an order on