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Are your rPET (or other BlueStripe™) products recyclable?

<p> In short, probably not.</p>
<p>Our BlueStripe&trade; items are made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic, polystyrene or fiber, so we are excited to give a second (or third) life to these materials. Unfortunately, it can be hard for some recycling facilities to capture these items – instead, their environmental benefit lies in their front end materials.
<p>Each recycling facility has different machinery for sorting and sells recycled flake to different markets. This is why recycling varies in each town. Only your recycling facility can tell you what the accept, so check with them first. Remember to check for different shapes of product as well as the resin codes. Most facilities want #1 PET or rPET plastic bottles, but not all of them can accept foodservice or container shapes.
<p>For these items, please dispose of them responsibly and only recycle them if they are accepted.
Coming soon! There are some regions where #1 PET recycling has expanded and you can put our BlueStripe&trade; PET items in the recycling bin. It's not everywhere yet, but hopefully one day soon. We encourage you to check with your local municipality or materials recovered facility (MRF for short) to see if they are accepted and if not, to learn when they will be.</p>

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