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Do you use genetically modified (GM) corn in your products?

Our corn PLA resin is manufactured near Blair, NE. This corn is a mixed stream of non-GMO and GMO corn which is grown in the area. During the manufacture of PLA, the multiple-stage processing and high heat used to create the polymer removes all traces of genetic material, rendering it inert once it has been made into resin.

The U.S. grows the most corn of any nation and as a result, the majority of PLA made in the U.S. is derived from corn – and of that, most of the corn is feedstock (not food corn). We recognize the value of sustainable, organic agriculture and follow the debate and the scientific research surrounding GM crops. One day, we hope to bring you exclusively non-GM PLA, but unfortunately the infrastructure is not there yet for us – or our industry.

If GMO is a concern for you, we offer cold cups made from 50% post-consumer recycled content PET. This is the highest percentage available of recycled PET in cold cups – they perform well, and are made from an entirely different material.

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