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EcoCraft® Deli Tissue - Natural, Interfold

EcoCraft® Deli Tissue - Natural, Interfold
Quick grab food waxed paper sheets
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10.75 in.
Item Code: 10906010
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Case 6000
Price: $147.59
Pack 500
Price: $18.40

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Positive Customer Review
Perfect for so many tasks!
I use these for everything . . .when we picnic I wrap pieces of cheese in this deli tissue, better for the cheese and presentation! When packing lunches I wrap my breads or cookies up and out the door without drying out or moisture build up. When we go to those bigger family or school events I bring a box and let people grab food with the tissue . . .such a simple product makes everyting seem nicer (while I'm happier about the hygenic aspect!) Great kitchen tissue for everything!