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Distributor - International

Thank you for your interest in our products in serving your international market. Please read the below requirements and fully understand what will be expected. If you would like to continue the registration process after reading our Terms and Conditions for International distribution, then please click on the International Customer Sign button up to start the process.

Eco-Products is the leading brand of single-use foodservice packaging made with renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content. We are a mission-driven organization, using environmentally preferable foodservice packaging as a means to advance zero waste practices and to raise awareness of the connections between the products we use, the materials they are made with, and what happens to them at the end of their lives. By participating in our MBL program, you are offering the best in environmentally friendly foodservice disposables.

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions for international distribution.

International Terms and Conditions


FOB destination on orders over 200 cases shipping within the contiguous US to Freight Forwarder only. We will not ship outside the US direct to your location.

Minimum Order Requirement

Eco-Products requires all Purchase Orders to be at least 200 cases in order to qualify for International Distributor Pricing.


If an item is out of stock, you will be notified of this account. The item will be removed from the order and you will need to place a new order when the item is available.

Payment Terms

Payment must be made by Credit Card or by bank transfer. Net term billing is not available for international orders.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns for international orders.

Pricing Policy

All prices are quoted in USD. Prices are subject to change without notice; prevailing prices will be applied at time of invoice. Customers may request updated pricing at any time.


Because of many factors, we do not provide pricing on our products. Rather, we request that you first submit to us the your market driven competitive pricing points of the products you are interested and we will discuss from there.

Invoice Totals

We do not, under any circumstances, change the billed totals to reflect a less amount. What we bill you, based on agreed pricing, is what will show on the invoice for all international paper work.

Stocking Agreement

Eco-Products makes no guarantees on stocking levels without completed forecasts. Approved forecast adjustments will take 6-8 weeks to fulfill.

Lead/Turnaround Time

Standard lead time on stock products is 5 business days plus transit time. Orders that require expediting - including same-day pickup from warehouses - are subject to availability and a $100 expediting fee. Additional fees may apply for expedited orders.. Order fulfillment is based on accurate forecasts provided by the Customer. Any changes to orders will ""re-start the clock"" on lead times.

Order Acceptance

Customers shall submit all orders in writing and specify the Purchase Order number, correct item number, description, quantity, pricing, bill-to address, ship-to address and requested delivery date. Verbal orders will not be processed. International orders must be manually entered via our international ordering portal. Please contact us for this URL.

Custom Products

Custom printing is available for some items. All custom products are subject to a 10% over/under run. A separate PO is required for custom-printed products and they do not count towards the 200 case minimum for prepaid freight. Please ask your Eco-Products Sales Representative for details and pricing.


Prepaid freight charges are dock-to-dock and do not include lumper fees, demurrage, detention, layover, inside delivery, redelivery, expediting charges or other miscellaneous charges. If fees are incurred these charges will be billed back to the Customer. If the Customer requires a driver to assist in unloading, the request must be specified upon order placement and any costs will be billed back to the Customer. All refusals of product must be reported by phone or email to Eco-Products within 2 business days. Eco-Products will not accept requests to ship LTL/TL orders via 3rd party; these orders will be treated as a will call. All deliveries for International orders will be sent to the customer's freight forwarder address. This information must be given at the time that the order is placed or earlier. Customer must make all arrangements to ensure order will be received. If order is refused then Customer will be charged for any redelivery to same or new freight forwarder. Eco-Products will only ship to the freight forwarder and will not handle any aspect of shipping the product past the freight forwarder. Customer acknowledges that some products are heat sensitive and must work with the freight forwarder to protect product from excessive heat damage while waiting for or while in transit to final customer's destination.

Late or Missed Delivery

Eco-Products ships via common carrier of our choice and as a result is not liable for any claimed deduction for late or missed delivery appointments.

Complete Agreement

The complete agreement between Eco-Products and the Customer is contained herein and no additional or different term or condition state by Customer in Customer's Purchase Order or other document will be binding unless agreed to by Eco-Products in writing.

Reimbursement Terms

Bill back payments will be made 30 days after bill back notice. Proof of Delivery Required. Bill back payments paid by auto deduction.


Exclusive territories are not offered.


All certifications can be found on our corporate website:

Custom Printing

We do offer custom printing of logos. Before that discussion, please fully understand the above requirements. Notice will be given shall these terms and conditions are changed or modified.

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