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Our Philosophy

The Road Less Travelled

Our business philosophy is protective of the environment and mindful of the impact it has on the lives of our employees and their communities. We are committed to returning profits to our investors and ensuring a strong future for our employees. Our goal is to be a leader in the sustainability movement.

We have a commitment to:

  • Reduce our impacts on air, water and soil, to reduce our generation of solid and hazardous waste, and to limit our consumption/intake of goods and raw materials.

  • The quality of life for our employees and the surrounding community will be evaluated when business decisions are being considered.

  • Maintaining open lines of communication with our employees, neighbors, regulators and those impacted by our business will remain a priority.

  • A commitment to comply with applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws, Rules, and Regulations. We plan to achieve these goals by striving towards continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations. People, conservation, and pollution prevention are integral to our business.