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PLA Plastic Storage Best Practices

PLA Storage Best Practices

Our PLA material has some unique storage and handling requirements:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

  • Move the boxes to a cool, covered location as soon as they are delivered
  • Store product away from windows, doors and skylights

Avoid High Temperatures

  • Store under 105ºF/40ºC
  • Store away from appliances and equipment that generate a lot of heat
  • Store in air conditioned spaces
  • Specify routes, shipment times and delivery dates to transport during the coolest part of the day
  • Choose protective blankets or refrigerated trucks during shipping

Store In A Cool, Dry Location

  • Avoid storage under metal roofs with limited air flow
  • Store in cooler parts of your warehouse or truck
  • Store on lower racks of trucks and trailers
  • Store above 14°F/-10°C

Handle With Care

  • Don’t leave shipments loaded for extended periods of time
  • Choose the right truck or shipping accessory such as insulated shipping blankets
  • Load and ship during cooler times of the day