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What is Ingeo™

<p>PLA or "corn plastic" is a biopolymer made from polylactide (PLA) that can be derived from starchy plants like corn, potatoes, tapioca, sugarcane, and soy protein. In the U.S., PLA is typically made from corn kernels that are milled and processed to extract the simple sugar dextrose.</p>

<p>These biopolymers perform like plastic, but are made from annually renewable resources like corn plants. PLA offers the cost and performance necessary to compete with traditional petroleum-based materials, but with the crucial benefit of being commercially compostable.</p>

<p>At its simplest level, dextrose is a carbohydrate made of the organic molecules carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and is a byproduct of photosynthesis. Large fermenters then process the dextrose. Fermentation is an amazing metabolic process that has been well-known for thousands of years in the making of beers, wines, cheeses and teas. It is used here in an industrial capacity to break down dextrose into byproducts like lactic acid which are ultimately converted into long polymer chains.</p>

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